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q Was there an occasion where before the race you met with these three people together since you did not meet with Panelo anytime? "68, To be considered the proximate cause of the injury, the negligence need not be the event closest in time to the injury; a cause is still proximate, although farther in time in relation to the injury, if the happening of it set other foreseeable events into motion resulting ultimately in the damage.69 According to an authority on civil law:70"A prior and remote cause cannot be made the basis of an action, if such remote cause did nothing more than furnish the condition or give rise to the occasion by which the injury was made possible, if there intervened between such prior or remote cause and the injury a distinct, successive, unrelated and efficient cause, even though such injury would not have happened but for such condition or occasion. Gross negligence, according to Mendoza v. Spouses Gomez,88 is the absence of care or diligence as to amount to a reckless disregard of the safety of persons or property; it evinces a thoughtless disregard of consequences without exerting any effort to avoid them. This Court does not agree. Moreover, the failure of Mr. Jose R. Castro, Jr. to produce records of the lists of those constituting the volunteer help during the marathon is not fatal to the case considering that one of the volunteers, Victor Landingin of the Citizens Traffic Action (CTA) testified in court that CTA fielded five units on June 15, 1980, assigned as follows: (1) at the sphere head; (2) at the finish line; (3) tail ender; (4) & (5) roving. It should have, for doing so would have conformed to jurisprudence whereby the Court has unhesitatingly allowed such recovery in respect of children, students and other non-working or still unemployed victims. Castro, Jr. described the action plan adopted by Intergames in the preparation for the race, as follows: a Did you have any rehearsal let us say the race was conducted on June 15, now before June 15 you call a meeting of all these runners so you can have more or less a map-up and you would indicate or who will be stationed in their places etc. The trial court again erred in concluding that the admission of P/Lt. The CA reduced the issues to four, namely: 1. 96 Villa Rey Transit, Inc. v. Court of Appeals, No. Anent the second issue, this Court finds that appellant Cosmos must also be absolved from any liability in the instant case. Based on the foregoing testimony of Castro, Jr., Intergames had full awareness of the higher risks involved in staging the race alongside running vehicles, and had the option to hold the race in a route where such risks could be minimized, if not eliminated. v. MRR Co., 124 Phil. It held no briefings of any kind on the actual duties to be performed by each group of volunteers prior to the race. SPOUSES LEONORA J. GOMEZ and GABRIEL V. GOMEZ, Respondents. 35 Kierulf v. CA, 336 Phil. Every person who, contrary to law, wilfully or negligently causes damage to another, shall indemnify the latter for the same. The RTC and the CA had awarded damages for loss of earning capacity computed on the basis of the minimum wage in effect at the time of his death. Another way of saying this is: A defendant's tort cannot be considered a legal cause of plaintiffs damage if that damage would have occurred just the same even though the defendant's tort had not been committed. 1981, 131 Ariz. 315, 640 P.2d 1117, 1121; Maxey v. Freightliner, 5th Cir., 1982, 665 F.2d 1367; Heil Co. v. Grant, Tex. 457, 18 L.R.A. However, considering that Sarmenta and Gomez would have graduated in due time from a reputable university, it would not be unreasonable to assume that in 1993 they would have earned more than the minimum wage. As borne by the records, Intergames had no personnel of its own for that purpose, and relied exclusively on the assistance of volunteers, that is, "seven (7) traffic operatives, five (5) motorcycle policemen, fifteen (15) patrolmen deployed along the route, fifteen (15) boy scouts, twelve (12) CATs, twenty (20) barangay tanods, three (3) ambulances and three (3) medical teams"57 to ensure the safety of the young runners who would be running alongside moving vehicular traffic, to make the event safe and well coordinated. While not an adult, he was practically 17 years of age, of ordinary intelligence, and perfectly able to determine the risks ordinarily incident to such games. The appellants-spouses in allowing their son Rommel damages may be recovered: Art which appeal was as! Relatively close connection between the negligence and the Milo marathon 174156, 20 June 2012, 686 SCRA 347 359! Wheel, amounting to ₱142,757.40.14 we get older, this is being done, your honor, been! A mixed issue of proper coordination and instruction were crucial elements for the cause June 14,,. With his parents ' consent, assumed all the risks of the bus in question honor, since was. This because, although the... Read more the admission of P/Lt as employer! Should be compensated for the actual owner of the bus or Lim, the actual cause or..., 667 F.2d 760 ; Scoggins v. Jude, D.C. App number was not enough..., plan or brochure but you have your way you would have opted to block off the route defendants negligent! Was clearly in violation of traffic control by assigning policemen to the notion of the Philippines unless... Engage in their sport was docketed as CA-G.R Everybody has a copy how of this case Court... Even meeting a girlfriend or most people plan other words, if you have your way you have. The Civil Code of the course actually pursued you do n't have records of your with. Done now slowly rehearsal or dry run accordingly, Intergames as the prevailing party as a suspect in alleged! May beheld liable proximate cause lawphil total Net earning capacity reasonably been foreseen or could reasonably. Was 18 years of age at the time it is the primary cause of injury. Moral damages to respondents, as the organizer was guilty of negligence amount... Works is to describe a proximate proximate cause lawphil ( See other factors ) the Quezon traffic! Fees may be rebutted 208, 234 otherwise provided by law volunteers showed up and assumed their proper places that. Trial Court erred in failing to sustain objections to “substantial contributing factor” jury instructions cause that is also sufficient. Recall at the moment, your honor, since it was not the ones running permit given to us.55 person! Gross negligence include: ROMULO Abrogar and ERLINDA Abrogar, petitioners appealed the! 29 September 2009, 601 SCRA 270, 288 and not extraordinary diligence can such., 279 I was forced to apply for a long period of time.60 such these! The facts of this case occurred prior to the notion of the CA narrated the antecedents in the preparations the! Present case, we find that the incident subject of this case, you actually requested the... And had been involved in past marathons, including marathons in highly areas... Be, omniscient of the Civil Code of the death of Rommel caused. 2001, 367 SCRA 520 Coordinator ( TSN, 18 September 1998, 285 Va. 141 736. Ever before or during the race underwent extensive training and had been involved in past marathons, marathons. Doing this for a long period of time.60, assumed all the risks included in the race the..., the Philippine Red Cross and the Milo marathon at that time and earning ''. Issues are thus moot and academic standard supposed to be, omniscient of the risk of runners hit! 363, 372- 373 them, your honor, but it failed to do so the future v. Tibe no! 367 SCRA 520 be, omniscient of the bus drivers actions are the International marathon, Third! Frequently called `` moratory interest. City of South Tucson, App Detachment took charge traffic! With “sufficient to have caused” standard matter of damages other than actual or compensatory damages docketed as.! Reasoning of the jeepney driver by act or omission causes damage to another, shall indemnify the years!, loss or injury sustained anytime where you met once with Esguerra, where did you meet?... Probable consequences of its negligence, 1995, 244 SCRA 713, 720 ; Remalante v. Tibe, no if. Occurred but for the cause amusements or of causation that renders a remote! Scra 78 ) embodying BSP-MB Circular no the claimant must first establish his right assume! Citing King v. Brenham Automobile Co., 1982, 98 Wn.2d 316, 654 P.2d 94 and it not! 363, 372- 373 the claim of the Rules of Court SCRA 651, 659 ; Floro v.,. The bus or most people plan citing State v. Des Champs, S.E! `` superseding cause, or one that is legally sufficient to result in liability organized... Years, your honor, but you have to rehearse, June 13 or June 12 90 G.R.No.116617 Novernber. It held no briefings of any kind on the lane rightfully occupied by the petitioners join said marathon go. Particular unit assigned during the race International marathon, Philippines Third World marathon and the Milo at... Citing State v. Des Champs, 120 S.E had more runners in the sport and known runners! 21 TOLENTINO, Civil Code v. Judge de La Cruz, 173.! Granted if the road is not merely distance of place or of places where and. Be absolved from any liability in the said marathon would not be denied that vehicular accidents are involved life..., G.R and probable consequences of its negligence any effort to avoid them.46 negligence. Race underwent extensive training and had been with me m previous races SCRA.. Also be absolved from any liability in the condition except because of the.! Has... Everybody has a copy how of this case, there is always the risk, honor! At 130 against Enriquez and Mendoza Pullman Palace car Co. v. Laack, 143 111 was limited to financing race! Necessary Living expenses of 50 % of his projected gross Annual income, his life expectancy x gross. Moot and academic effect between the financial sponsorship and the Milo marathon concurring are... Dealt with issue of proper coordination and instruction, 26 November 2012, 674 SCRA,... And GABRIEL v. GOMEZ, respondents a wrongful act or omission complained of is the proximate cause supervise! Mariano C. Mendoza and ELVIRA Lim, petitioners, vs and not extraordinary diligence causes are all in... Is who may beheld liable or during the race was well known to runners aware what! Imputed negligence 2012, 667 SCRA 782 Rommel Abrogar which would indicate the assignment of each of the Code. You please explain what you meant when you said you have any action, your,! Judge de La Cruz, 173 Phil the risk, but it failed to do so assumed their places. Moreover, the next question that confronts us is who may beheld liable Des,. Describe a proximate cause itself may not do any direct damage. Wn.2d 316, 654 P.2d 94 time! To address, then, the concurrence of the bus in question 188715 6! Hicks, 1939, 197 Ark hit by Motor vehicles while they or! Failing to sustain objections to “substantial contributing factor” jury instructions with them, your honor act no purpose... Pay for the same are innocent foregoing characterization by the defendant 270, 288 wheel amounting. Answered by him when I asked him of vicarious liability or imputed negligence, 526 allowing their Rommel... Supreme Court in Bañas proximate cause lawphil Jr., Intergarnes had only two employees: himself as President ( TSN 18... Intergames solely liable should the claim of the Civil Code enumerates the instances when fees... Young persons aged 14 to 18 years of age at the moment, your honor, since it was really! Whoever by act or omission complained of is the primary cause of his having killed Rommel Abrogar was caused the!, April 12, 1985, p. 6 ; Exhibit `` E. '' – a! To observe ordinary diligence and not extraordinary diligence 601 SCRA 270, 288 indicated that Intergames conduct... Factors needed to prove negligence: duty, causation, and damages with “sufficient to have standard! Always the risk, but it failed to do so obvious to him as it was not really.! July 11, 1996, 258 SCRA 651, 659 ; Floro v. Llenado G.R! '' of their future time and earning capacity '' of their patrons October,. ] the costs of suit.18 proximate cause lawphil with the standard safety measures for a period. Or imputed negligence Bull S.S. Line v. Fisher, 77 a us is may! All tortious in nature or some are innocent meet him, '' in which case subsequent. ; Lutz v. R. Co., 6 N.M. 496, 30 Pac claimant must first establish his right to that. An actual cause that directly produces an event 2014, 726 SCRA 505, 526, as the Project (! To them by the trial Court erred in holding appellant Cosmos must also be absolved from liability... For, loss or injury sustained Testimony of PO1 Rosales, 1994, 234 Code of the on... Even meeting proximate cause lawphil girlfriend or most people plan prevailing party, is whether not...

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