Gianpaolo has been making stories come to life ever since he was old enough to hold a pen in his hands. From drawing cartoons in second grade to making short films in high school, Gianpaolo has always had the creative drive to get whatever was in his head out into the world.


After creating a successful television show for his high school, Gianpaolo knew he wanted to be in the film industry. In order to make that dream a reality Gianpaolo set his sights on going to the best film school in the world, the University of Southern California. His application film ended up not only solidifying him as a Trojan, but it also went on to win an award for Best Short in the OPIN film festival.


After graduation in 2012, he got the experience working as a Prop Master for the William H. Macy film, Two Bit Waltz (2012); a Production Designer on many award winning short films, a Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Special Effects, and an Editor. Together, these jobs taught him the importance of each role and how to communicate with each department.


After this, Gianpaolo wanted to learn the business and marketing side of making stories. In 2013, he took a 3 month intern job for Skip Film that was cut 2 months short because he was instantly hired on as an Associate Producer.


Gianpaolo has created stunning visuals to help develop, market, and sell creative content for networks like El Rey Network, National Geographic, Netflix, Discovery Channel, Spike, CNN, and production companies like Kick Punch Studios, Skip Film, and Pitch 5 Productions.


His talents in illustration, photography, cinematography, visual editing, and directing gives him the outstanding ability to produce an idea into a stunning piece of art.


His true ambition lies in making stories come to life.


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