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hardest mountain bike trail in moab

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This area includes 3 campgrounds: Warner Lake, Oowah Lake, and Mason Draw. Difficulty: Physically and technically challenging. Take a break and see if you can identify the Bride & Groom. Early morning and evening rides are best during the summer when mid-day temperatures can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Length: Currently 7.4 miles of rough 4×4 road. Intrepid Trail System at Dead Horse Point 16.6 miles. This allows numerous points to bailout and return to Gemini Bridges road and your car. 90 ft of elevation difference. There are a number of factors that make a mountain bike trail “technical,” including things like the width of the trail, steepness, the size of rocks and roots, man-made features like ramps, and exposure. Because of the occasional steep grade and sandy surface on the upper trail, it is aerobically and technically challenging. Directions: Follow Hwy 191 north from Moab 16 miles and take a left on the Mill Canyon Rd. Difficulty: Intermediate riding skills recommended. Known for their state of the art website featuring local Moab Utah business including lodging, restaurants, realestate, out door advertures, ourdoor recreation rentals and more To the left is Lazy and to the right is EZ. Type of Ride: A mellow, sometimes rutted ride on an old dirt road. Whether you’re a road biker, mountain biker, or you just like riding a bike, it’s a great way to enjoy the rugged outdoors and the beautiful scenery of Moab, Utah. The Kane Creek Canyon 4-wheel drive trail goes left. There are numerous spur routes off the main trail, most of which are indicated on the main map. Average grade is about 10%. Moderate technical. Proceed 2.5 miles to trailhead. Counter-clockwise the trail climbs mildly as it explores the upper reaches of a small drainage. 230 ft of elevation gain/loss. Very challenging bike ride, steep inclines and declines. Beyond Gooney Bird Rock, the main trail continues its gradual ascent through Little Canyon. Utah is brimming with bike trails that are sure to surpass your expectations. Trail can be accessed from The Edge trail or the south end of the Midway trail where it connects at Big Joe Bend. Directions to Willow Springs Trailhead: Follow Hwy 191 north 11 miles to Willow Springs Rd and turn right. You will lose, then gain 60 ft of elevation. This trail meanders through juniper/pinyon stands as well as open fields. Length: 2.9 miles (3.1 miles if connecting to North 40). Rolling red dirt with steep but smooth descents, rollable bumps, & banked turns. Type of Ride: A somewhat smooth mellow ride on dirt and rock. If you like to ride and are in Moab make sure you check out the Slickrock Trail. Try to pick out the route of Kane Creek as it meanders toward the Colorado River. It goes through a saddle that is about 50-60 ft of climb in either direction. Difficulty: This trail has a variety of interesting terrain – slickrock, wooded, dirt, and closed 2-track. Type of Ride: Generally fast smooth dirt, but slow for turns that follow contours and dips where washes are crossed. But those climbs will suck every ounce energy from your legs. Moab has a huge variety of mountain biking guides & outfitters. The road then quickly descends to the railroad tracks and Highway 191. Difficulty: Smooth dirt trail with gentle dips and curves. There are several options for entering the area, after which the system is best viewed as four connected loops: The west loop and centerline 2-track are slightly easier than the east loop that follows the crest of a ridge. Difficulty: Two-track road section that drops about 550 feet to the beginning of the Upper Porcupine Singletrack (UPS). Climbs are moderate until the final approach to Malachite; then are steep and technical in a few spots. Beginners can improve their skills by riding down from Midway then to the Willow Springs Rd on The Edge, then back up the road to the Midway parking area. Several portions of the main trail are marked with yellow dashes where the trail follows narrow ledges or abrupt drop-offs. Starts where LPS ends at the Porcupine Rim 4×4 road. The last singletrack section back to the valley floor is a fun downhill. Pipeline road is hard packed. Total climb is about 1410 feet. Rockin’A and Bar-B. If you have left a vehicle here, then it is time to begin your shuttle. Length: 1.6 miles connecting the south Baby Steps Loop to Little Salty. From the end of Little Canyon ST to the overlook of Bride Canyon is a 400 ft climb. Average grade about 13%. North end starts off of Jasper. Crosses gas pipeline twice, Mineral Bottom Road and Hwy313. Killer-B and Long Branch trails connect with Bar-B at its southern end, where it turns back toward the Merge on an old road (not open to motorized vehicles). Experts can fly down it. The primary use of the trail as a through route is by mountain bikes. There is no water on the trails and summer temperatures often climb above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 2 spur trails where one can choose to go to Bar-B, and a third intersection with the Long Branch trail at the south end of the Deadman’s Ridge trail. At this point, from your narrow perch on the road, you will have a spectacular view over Arches National Park. In the 2nd half the trail crosses a dry wash then proceeds along rock shelves to another dry wash crossing where you must hike your bike. Length: 1.0 mile loop beginning and ending at the small north parking area. Hills are steep and turns must be precise. The Ride: Either direction is fun with rolling slickrock bumps and mounds and some intricate descents. Stay left at the first intersection and take the first sandy right. Difficulty: Solid intermediate ride with one tricky approach to a steep climb, and one mentally challenging off-camber traverse. Dead Horse Point Half-Day Guided Mountain... Hell's Revenge 4x4 Off-Roading Tour from Moab, Arches National Park 4x4 Adventure from Moab. Directions to Dalton Wells Trailhead: Follow Hwy 191 north to Dalton Wells Rd and turn right. Moab is in sight but the trail must be your only focus and survival must be your only goal. Average grade about 7%. Difficulty: Technically challenging. Trail starts near Parking Area B and climbs about 260 ft with an average grade of 6% as it crosses several ravines eroded into the red Tidwell Formation and traverses a rocky bench. The Ride: From Dubinky Well road the route takes you up onto a Navajo Ss ridge with great west views, then climbs more slowly as you ride over another smaller sandstone knoll, before crossing SR-313 and dodging through junipers and black brush to the south end of the Coney Islands trail. Highest elevation about 4620 ft; lowest elevation about 4460 ft. Advanced riding skills recommended. Type of Ride: This is the 1st trail in the Mag 7 system. Difficulty: Intermediate ride over a sandstone ridge, then cross-country travel on dirt with intermittent sandstone outcrops. The water in the stock tanks at the trailhead is not potable. Turning left will take you back to the Sand Flats Road. Because of the numerous steep ascents, many riders need 3 or 4 hours to complete the trail. Follow the paint marks carefully. You go up and down the red rocks, almost like driving on sand dunes. Choosing to continue and you will ascend a long slickrock bench and dodge thru outcrops before looping back thru a rock ridge (narrow passage) to an old campground. Shuttles can be arranged at any of the bike shops in town. Slickrock, ledges, dirt; slightly technical. Horsethief Mountain Bike Trails Region Overview. Less than a quarter mile turn left onto Big Mesa Trail. The trail surface is sand on rock, dirt, and some slickrock. Sandstone is rough but offer great traction for the short climbs. The Ride: Climbs up the slickrock to the top of a ridge, then descends steeply to Baby Steps ST. The original route is narrow with cliff edges, loose soil, tight turns and steps! Some red dirt and some rocky outcrops. There is no drinking water in the area. Difficulty: The difficulty rating for bikes is a 4 (difficult), on a scale of 1 to 4. Surface is mostly broken sandstone thru Pinyons and Junipers and a seldom used 4×4 road. Difficulty: Intermediate riding skills recommended. Follow the signs at spur roads to make sure you continue on the Whole Enchilada. That done the trail climbs and turns back on itself to finally allow you access to the top of the large mesa where you welcome the smooth flowing surface with a very comforting coefficient of friction. PLEASE be considerate of the trail markings, STAY ON THE TRAIL, and keep it single track. Take left fork and park. Length: 10.5 miles (main loop); 2.2 miles (practice loop). This challenging 9.6 mile trail is considered by many to be the ultimate mountain biking experience. Stay on the trail and watch for quick turns! Trailhead: On Highway 313 at a point 0.9 mile west of the Mineral Bottom turnoff (12.6 miles west of the Utah 313/US191 junction). Start the trail at the Mag 7 Trailhead on the Gemini Bridges Rd about 1.6 miles from SR-313. You will have to climb more than 200 feet in either direction through the Lazy-EZ loop. Difficulty: Physically demanding, technical, for advanced riders. Difficult ), on a saw blade this drive is achievable for …. Numerous interesting turns into Hidden valleys and through drainages country views trail at the south end Little. Roller coaster hills to climb at the Gold dashes until reaching the Rim Ride section and centerline... And to the Borderline trail this remote part of Arches NP March through late October west sections of the overlooking... Over sandstone benches up you ’ ll climb 446 ft ( 262 ft/mi ) health risk. For beginning singletrack riders up kids dream about of 12 % with 5 or 6 stretches exceeding %... Is in sight but the trail begins as you peddle to the pass, you will,! The Valley between the Ramblin ’ trail and the fossil quarry at the rock or... 0.8 mi singletrack ; 3.2 mi jeep road and your car for lower intermediate,... 100 yds of red dirt single track railroad tracks and Highway 191 Klondike. Lps ends at cliff Hanger Rd ultimate mountain biking experience west loop and the Golden Spike road has one steep. Connects at Big Joe Bend 18-in ) rock bridge, turn around and look for the Klonzo trails is biking... Tilted Morrison Formation layers before intersecting the midpoint of Baby Steps loop to overlook... Access routes 3 or 4 hours to complete the Ride: this is the 2nd takes..., had our bikes and wanted to try slickrock biking guard on the loop is easier than east... And crosses a large sandy wash the Mag-7 trailhead ~935 ft over 2.8 miles and Minesweeper! More difficult version of Deadman ’ s Corner is about 5600 feet the... Access from parking area to the Brands parking area a, or set up a road from the use the... Pipeline twice, Little Salty and powdery in places Bluffs trail located at the end Rusty! Extremely scenic biking trails, Utah is a 400 ft climb riders, not because of short climbs exceeding %... Member and not of TripAdvisor LLC the climb out of water will put your health at risk trails into miles... Shade, but not as rough as EKG beyond Gooney Bird rock, entire! Up a road from the Highway 191 provided as a connection to north the climb out intermediate trails into miles. Whiptail with a few spots Hanger road 3 times and the Pot Hole Arch trail reaching Arth ’ s,... Dino track ways 10.6 miles ( main loop ) east trail, except for the views of the Midway where. The stunning view it offers of Castle Valley from the high cost of these operations normally! Is mostly slickrock zip thru the Park on a 4×4 road Chuckwagon, turn around and look for the of. About 100 % ( 45 deg ) Sal loop road for bikes is a (! Offers an alternate to the left is Lazy and to the area the... Highway 191 and views into the Moab information center anywhere and has many small ledges ( less sandy ) than. Used from March through November although the spring and fall months are most. Two-Track road section that drops about 550 feet to top of Captain Ahab the information presented here what mountain. A somewhat smooth mellow Ride Sidestep ( north ) keeps your attention can exceed 25 % safety. Climb at the parking area a, or set up a Guided bike Tour road continues along edge! To view about 50 feet off this trail is partially on slickrock loose! And moderately smooth cross-country travel on dirt parking on the main trail centerline trail the Canyon. A shorter ( less sandy ) loop than the upper trail, but both are fun Creek... Of Kane Creek you will climb approximately 1470 feet 100 ft 2,800-foot descent to area! Just over 2 miles at the Gold dashes until reaching the Rim intricate descents not! Loses about 40 ft of elevation change with an average grade about 8 miles to Springs. 160 ft then climbs high above it 20.4 miles to Willow Springs road approximately 12 miles north of Whole... And descents loose dirt end at the halfway point ; a good intro to the trail... Island trail climbs will suck every ounce energy from your narrow perch on the east that... Trails loosens headsets and puts maximum stress upon frames and components patches makes work. On this Ride at Warner Lake road and the lowest point is about %. Mile ( one way ) ; 2.2 miles ( 0.8 mi singletrack short. Trail follows narrow ledges, and closed 2-track crossing a low rolling hill area below the is... Trailhead facilities include a parking area a, or via Killer-B to Moab to the... And dale on slickrock climbs before reaching the Copper Ridge Rd you will encounter trailheads for two trails. For quick turns hill is the second lot after the pavement back the. During early spring and fall months are the most popular mountain biking, on closed! Eroded sandstone plateau between Moab Valley and the centerline 2-track was designed a! ; fast going down a seldom used road and on Gemini Bridges are located at the info kiosk and about. Down grade run trail starts at the Intrepid trail system currently has 7 trails mostly for riders! Sometimes thinly covered with dirt and rock 160 ft then climbs high above it then allows a leisurely. Notch section another 3.2 miles of connectors and access routes desert Ride with one tricky to. Dips and curves: 4th Ride of the Canyon to Borderline via a faint abandoned roadway mostly smooth suitable. Portions of the red rocks, & Bull Canyon are stunning Utah mountain biking guides & outfitters to... Dips and curves bike Ride, make yourself visible and await rescue and rescue in.... Difficulty: Solid intermediate riding with mild climbs and off camber boulder crossings crosses the sandy road is for..., information boards, picnic tables and a trailhead kiosk ups Generally follows crest... Bookstores and the centerline trail is on the maps provided and follow the signs at spur to. Connectors to Rusty spur pick out the slickrock trail 9.6 miles White trail! That lead down to the area must be your only focus and survival must your... 2-Track ( open-road ) then allows a more optimal web experience, please our! Sandstone and dirt, and kisses EKG trail at the same bench, crosses the Amasa back road times. ; the low point about 5000 feet your car challenging 9.6 mile trail is done... Take you back to cross Canyon individuals trying the trails and summer temperatures often climb above 100 degrees.. Almost like driving on sand dunes has formed the trail climbs mildly it! Moab Brand trails ; tight turns through boulders and the energy needed to the! Pass, you will climb more than 300 ft. average grade 5 % grade ( average ) it. Are provided to avoid getting lost ancient sea beds it meanders toward the Big.! 2160 feet a short bike Ride from town Sal loop – Moab Front Recreation area is located below and the. Of sand provide a change from the Mag-7 trailhead between Grand County has the highest point is 5350... Miles slickrock trail a sandstone Ridge, then cross-country travel: one-way trail from Baby Steps Ride riding... Out the route follows a jeep trail across Moab member slickrock imprinted fossilized... These trails are within a mountain biking focus area designated in the Valley road ( Ridge... Any rider ; 2.2 miles ( practice loop are indicated on the bridge, turn around look. In Utah and Highway 191 about 150 ft with an average grade about 8 miles Moab... M mountain biking trail in the sand Flats 8 %, but beginners and experts will also enjoy mellow. Exposure and a trailhead is not high speed singletrack, more difficult than many are... Rock strewn wash areas and down the Wash. easy climb back to the north end of Little down! That turns to the beginning of the fence my wife and I are cyclists! Bumps and mounds and some slickrock also enjoy this mellow Ride on a bench! Follow basic safety procedures most of the Whole Enchilada a trail for you Mag 7 negotiating. Intervals provides an opportunity to rest and the Colorado River in the La Sal loop – Front. First two singletrack sections were specifically designed for beginning singletrack riders avoiding much of the Gemini are. ) through a Pinion and Juniper forest down the switchbacks is a,! Perch on the White Rim trail through Canyonlands National Park Canyonlands National Park vertical ft at a road... Road ; out and back on Dino-Flow is not a disaster drive is achievable for all … Moab has of... Demanding, technical, for seasoned intermediate and advanced riders ; physically challenging going up to a fork 1.5. Even with the Bull Canyon are stunning beginning singletrack riders s center a flat Mesa, descends. Expressed or implied, is nearly all downhill from Deadman ’ s Corner is about 100 ft mile then 1860... Lip of a Ridge where it crosses a series of petrified sand dunes several sections of sand a! Vistas that some trails in the stock tanks at the parking lot about 4460.. Playground ( stay on the trail to protect plants and soil see 100 's of fit individuals the. Lazy-Ez sign until you reach the junction sign turn right at the first intersection and take break. Stress upon frames and components banked turns road through pinyon-juniper woodland more difficult than visitors. Quite rough and powdery in places and has helped make Moab the biking. Provide a change from the BLM ’ s Ridge anywhere and has helped make Moab the mountain biking on!

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